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Market Insights 


Action without intelligence is wasted effort.

Action without intelligence is wasted effort.

We love helping our clients to access and apply the intelligence they need to ensure no drop of effort and no penny of their marketing spend is wasted.

Our insights give you the visibility you need to understand your customers and their journey, to know your competitors and to gain advance views into the dynamic environment in which you operate.

Together, we'll develop the market insights your brand needs to drive revenue and profit.

Solution Area Breakdown

Macro Analysis

Our highly experienced strategic marketing experts bring their expertise to bear on your market analysis. We can conduct full market scans and deliver PESTEL reporting and other specialist marketing models as a discreet service or in partnership with your internal teams. Rely on us to expose the insights that aid your strategic planning.

Competitor Analysis 

Feed our analysis and insights about your competitors into your positioning, pricing and other strategic planning. We help you to identify new threats, track existing competitors, review marketing strategies, report on events and analyse engagement. Gain a clear understanding of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses – and the opportunities and threats for you.

Customer Analysis

Our analysts and researchers work on quantitative and qualitative projects across a broad range of disciplines. We can help you map out your customers’ journeys and delve deep into your customers’ minds. As well as identifying trends and flagging areas for action and improvement, we can help you understand how patterns and sentiments change over time.

Dashboards, Reports & Graphics

Once we’ve uncovered and delivered the insights you need, our creatives help you present your insights in easily digestible formats – whether for your internal or external audiences. In eye-popping infographics, high-level summaries for busy C-suite executives, detailed reports for your subject matter experts or fabulous explainer videos, our team brings creativity and fresh ideas.

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