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Sign Language



This was a story we wanted to get right. We wanted it to be accessible to all – deaf people included. We felt it was important to recreate the typical everyday scenarios and barriers deaf people face, from not being able to read, to not being able to understand or lip read passers by who don’t know BSL. We used deaf actors for our recreated scenarios who had had exposure to the app. Behind the scenes there was amazing work being done by the deaf interpreters keeping us informed and connected with the deaf people. And then of course making sure the spoken part of the piece is understandable to deaf people it was vital we got a Registered BSL interpreter to translate the speech. All in all it’s a great piece we’re super proud of!


For profoundly Deaf people in the UK, British Sign Language (BSL) is usually their first or preferred language. For many Deaf people in the UK, English is a second or third language. Content in written English can present a barrier. This is why Signly created their ground-breaking technology. We got to tell their amazing story!

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