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Our talent blends a deep understanding of technology and marketing. Together, we pioneer innovative campaigns and approaches to help tech brands thrive.


We deliver insights and intelligence that drive strategies and shape new ways of delivering value for customers.


Our digital storytelling helps our clients to unlock interest and capture the imagination of their audiences, building connections between tech innovation and societies. 

When you work with digiio, you get the optimisation and ideas that come with more than two decades experience within B2B marketing services. 


In our dynamic sector, we recognise what’s important to business leaders today and what will be increasingly important tomorrow.

We are digiio


Our Mission

digiio exists to unlock the promise of technology for people everywhere through the power of human connection. 

Our Values

Authenticity: We create incredible, purposeful content that is authentic and real.​

Drive: We are driven by our desire to grow our customers’ success.


Expertise: Our team has over two decades of marketing and insights experience.


Diverse: We place ethics and positive impact at the core of our business.


Agility:  We enable creativity and innovation. Delivery drives our success.


Our Team


Sarah Allen



Freddie Hutton-Mills

Creative Director, Head of Film


Andrew Leming 

Insights & Design Director 


James Bartle

Senior Videographer & Editor


Ayesha Aleem

Qualitative Researcher


Esther Rutter

Senior Copywriter


Fred Pursell 

Principal Consultant


Nora Wicks

Account Manager

Since 2015, we’ve worked with fast-growing tech companies to help them to articulate and amplify their voice, understand markets, attract and retain customers and drive growth and opportunities.

How can we help you?


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