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Meet the team: Andrew Leming

We snatched some time with Andrew Leming, our Insights & Design Director. In this blog, you can discover more about Andrew’s inspiration and how the insights digiio provides help our clients to accelerate their success.

Hi Andrew. Thank you for talking with us. Tell us about your role at digiio.

I’m the Insights & Design Director at digiio.

What does your role involve on a day-to-day basis?

It’s all about collecting and synthesising insights and figuring out the most strategically impactful way to organise and present them.

And how long have you been working in this role at digiio?

Over a year now and I’m loving it!

What do you love most about it?

The dynamism of the role. I really like the clients we work with and I deeply believe in digiio’s ability to go in new and exciting directions in the sort of work that we do.

Really, I eat, breathe and sleep digiio because it’s an extension of who I am anyway: constantly curious and naturally creative – so I love the way graphic design and insights come together in this role.

Can you explain a little more about what you mean by that?

Historically, insights and design have always been closely linked. I see my role as carrying forward a much older tradition of bringing together knowledge and information with illustration, whilst harnessing digital insights to drive strategic outcomes and engagement.

Why do you think the marriage of insights and design is so important?

In the digital world, information isn’t usually closely linked with good presentation. If we think about spreadsheets for example, they might contain a lot of important information but it takes a particular kind of skill to interpret that data. It isn’t always accessible to everyone.

I enjoy that challenge!

What is it about the challenge that excites you?

It brings together the two elements I have been drawn to in my working life: creativity and political and societal insights.

They aren’t usually common bedfellows! Tell us about how your working life has managed to combine those two very different aspects.

I played in an indie band in my early twenties as a singer and guitarist. But I went back to University in my mid-twenties and completed a double-major in Spanish and Portuguese and Latin American Studies and International Politics.

That led me to undertake political research in Latin America, including in Peru and Chile. I was looking at topics such as student movements, democracy and political institutions and the rights of indigenous peoples.

From there, I completed two Masters degrees at Kings College London – also in Spanish and Portuguese and Latin American Studies and International Political Economy. That led to work on digital information projects for the EU and climate finance and sustainability policy for a think tank in London.

My current role draws on my insights experience but also gives me space to creatively innovate and push forward.

That’s quite some resume! Which experiences are most relevant to your job here at digiio?

I’d really like to develop the environmental and sustainability insights we deliver for our customers – they are of increasing importance to the brands we work with and the customers they serve.

I’d love to help the companies that are doing well to tell their stories through good design, video and writing. I’m a passionate believer in the need to solve the climate crisis.

So, having made the transition from the world of politics to the commercial world, what are the differences and which do you enjoy more?

Business is much more dynamic. There’s a lot of space for innovation and creativity. That’s very exciting. I also think it’s possible to have a greater impact in a commercial context.

The way you present information, for example, can shift opinions. In business, strategic and situational awareness is really fundamental. Strategy and engagement is really important. And I enjoy that a lot.

Who would you list as your inspiration?

Musically, I’ve always been influenced by bands like Oasis, the Stone Roses, the Smiths, Radiohead. You can listen to more on my Spotify page.

Professionally, I admire Bertrand Russell for his stamina and intellectual dedication. I am inspired by the management style of Jurgen Klopp and his philosophy of team dynamics.. I absolutely love the work of Fela Kuti, the Nigerian composer, for the collective feeling and political significance of his music, which is so colourful and vibrant.

And how do you relax outside work?

Play guitar, run, spend time with friends, watch Liverpool play football.

If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Insightful, creative, positive.

What about the future?

I definitely see my future in London.

In terms of my future at digiio, I see it in helping the organisation to scale and to develop in new and exciting directions, especially in sustainability and into new international markets.

What next?

Can digiio help you? If you’d like to know more about our Insights & Design services, please get in touch to schedule a chat with Andrew.

You can reach him at:

Or call: 020 7902 1190


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