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NHS HoloLens


Social distancing and lockdown meant that no onsite filming could be carried out. We wanted to maintain the immediacy of hospital life in a COVID environment and so we requested the NHS film the wards themselves along with use of the Microsoft technology. Supplying them with a shot list and directing remotely we were able to carry out interviews virtually, collect B-roll from the staff themselves and produce a story that had all the necessary ingredients for something quite powerful.


At the height of COVID, the world was faced with many challenges. None more so than the health sector. With innovative Mixed Reality technology, Microsoft were able to assist the NHS with means to keep staff safe from spreading the virus exponentially. We were given the honour of telling the story of the NHS’s use of the HoloLens 2 and Microsoft Teams in their battle against COVID and saving lives.


This video went right to the top, used by both Bill Gates and currently global CEO Satya Nadella at a number of events to showcase how Microsoft technology can make a real impact. The BBC and other broadcasters at the time also requested footage from the story. It continues to be shown and is a video we are truly proud of.

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