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Key Insights Around Project Management

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Meet the digiio team – Nora Wicks

Meet Project Manager, Nora Wicks. With more than a decade of experience in project management, Nora is a key player in the digiio team.

Hi Nora. Thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us a little bit about your role at digiio?

As a project manager, I am responsible for managing the lifecycle of our creative customer projects through to their successful delivery.

What does that mean day to day?

I am talking with our team, helping to build project plans, managing relationships with all the different stakeholders and coordinating the work of all the various contributors on the agency side. I’m building relationships with clients and making sure that everyone is happy throughout the process.

That sounds like no small task! What motivates you, Nora?

For me, it’s all about helping people to achieve what they want to do. No matter how big or small, it really makes my day to know that someone has gone away happy and I’ve contributed a little bit to them having a better day.

Do you have a motto or philosophy that inspires you?

I love the idea that nothing is impossible. As the very word itself says, “I’m possible!”.

What is your background prior to joining digiio and how do you think that has prepared you for this job?

My last three roles have been in account management and project management, managing programmes and projects, looking after tech vendors and working with distributors so it feels very familiar for me.

So does your experience working with technology vendors help with your work here at digiio?

I was at Microsoft for seven years. First in sales operations. Then managing incentive programmes for products and devices. Customer service was a huge focus, as you can imagine.

It’s really useful to have first-hand experience of the culture and the values of a big customer like that. Of the last two companies I worked with, one was a Microsoft partner, so I have a really good understanding of the dynamic in the industry. It does help when building relationships and understanding client priorities. So yes, I think it’s really important.

What new things do you plan on bringing to digiio?

I’m really interested in sustainability, especially how digital transformation can boost sustainability. It’s important for us all to work towards that.

And how do you unwind at the end of the day?

I love being with my family. I work so hard during the week, so that’s really precious to me. I suppose that was one of the silver linings of working from home for me – I got to spend more time with them.

Tell us about your home?

I came to the UK from Germany in 1998 and I love the UK. I miss my family back in Dresden, but I don’t miss Germany anymore. And I love how green it is here! Even though that’s because it rains so much!

You mentioned that your last two positions have been with smaller companies. What was it about a working in a small team that attracted you to those roles – and maybe also to the team here at digiio?

In a smaller team, you can be far more agile and achieve things quickly. But, of course, that comes with its own challenges.

The other thing I really enjoy about being in a smaller team is that you can wear many different hats, which is quite nice.

However, whatever the size of the team you’re working in, I think it’s always all about the relationships. That will form a huge part of my ability to deliver successfully for digiio’s clients, so that’s what I will be focusing on.

What other aspects of the role are you enjoying?

Some things are new for me. It’s nice to learn about filming. One of the things I love most about working with the digiio team is that opportunity to apply my skills but still learn something new.

What do you think makes digiio different?

It’s the relationships that make the difference. The people are most important.


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