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Key to doing justice to this story was to ensure that we filmed extensively on “Puffin Island”, placing a key stakeholder on the island and getting him to walk us around and talk us through the story and technology. Then combining this with more generic footage from SSE’s offices as well as leveraging footage of their windfarms we were able to give a full 360 version of the story that has had real impact not just within Microsoft but has also had this story feature on BBC News.


SSE Renewables is a leading developer and operator of renewable energy across the UK and Ireland. The company has a key role in helping the UK reach its sustainability and net zero carbon goals and is currently building more offshore wind capacity than any other company in the world. For SSE Renewables, however, sustainability isn’t only about renewable energy and carbon reduction. SSE is also committed to ensuring its offshore wind assets do not impact negatively on the surrounding ecosystem. We were given the amazing opportunity to tell the story of how SSE are using AI to count puffins near one of its offshore wind farms in the Scottish island of the Isle of May.

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