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HVMC Ventilator Challenge


We wanted to create a “race against time” feel in this video. In addition we wanted to show scale to mirror the size of the challenge. Being given access for one member of our team to film at one of the sites (in a socially distanced manner) gave us the opportunity to get “up close and personal” at a time no one had access anywhere. Our footage of the ventilators being made was exclusive and made for a fascinating story with genuine emotion shown by the CEO at the end.


Central to findings ways to fight back against COVID was the manufacture of ventilators to get to hospitals in record time. In order to do that the government called on manufacturing companies to pull together. The challenge here was knowledge share - how to make the machines with companies who had no prior experience in this area? Enter Microsoft Teams and the HoloLens 2.


This video has gone far and wide, being shown throughout the pandemic at Microsoft virtual events as well as having over 4 million impressions online.

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